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The only discord bot you need.

The only discord bot you need. Why have many support related bots, when you only need one.

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Why choose TicketEm?

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

The bot is simple to setup, with just a few steps that are easy to follow through our video documentation.


All data collected is secured and encrypted on a secure server, so you can rest with ease.


We offer everything free of charge. To remove the branding, we charge $2.50 per 28 Days and it becomes 100% unbranded!

Custom Settings
Custom Settings

Customize colours, commands, messages and many other incredible settings with one simple click!

Invite your team
Invite Your Team

Invite your team, and have your whole team using TicketEm. Staff members get access to the logs and settings.

Web Panel

An easy to navigate and beautifully designed web panel, perfect for easy interaction and use.

High quality, Well-designed User Interface

TicketEM was created for the sole purpose to help and provide a better customer service for your customers, by providing you the right tools, you can ensure that you will meet your customers support demands on one of the largest gaming chat applications.

We provide you a simple and easy way to monitor and view tickets, whether they are completed or not on our 24/7* Web Panel.

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